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Movie Props
We are continually asked to find particular items as Movie Props or Retail Store Props, PROPS to fulfill the Visual Designer’s ideas for Movie and Retail Stores. We have provided already-existing vintage and antique items as MOVIE PROPS and STORE PROPS. We find these in Estates, in Antique Stores around the country, or get them by calling on our vast network around the world. But we also have MOVIE PROPS and STORE PROPS manufactured to fit particular places they are required in movies and stores.

Here are a few venues our Movie Props, Store Props have found a home: Macy’s, Bloomingdales, The Gap, Old Navy, Polo Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Juicy Couture, MAC Cosmetics, Burberry, Coach, FAO Schwarz, Pink, Victoria’s Secret, Seibu, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie & Fitch, BCBG Max Azria, Calvin Klein, DKNY Kids, The Limited, Armstrong Tile, Cambridge Dry Goods, Donna Karen, JCrew, Tiffany’s Warner Brothers Stores, Disney Stores, NBC Stores, Yves St. Laurent; there are many more.

There are too many movies to name for which we have provided MOVIE PROPS, but here are a few: Revolutionary Road, K-PAK, A League of Their Own, Mommie Dearest, Private Parts, The Color Purple, The Producers, Zoolander, Charlotte’s Web, Lost in Yonkers, Mona Lisa Smile, Purple Rose of Cairo, Inside Man, Titanic, Hannah and Her Sisters, Manhattan, Out of Africa, Stepmom, The Preacher’s Wife and You’ve Got Mail.

As I mentioned, we have had pieces manufactured that are no longer existing. They are needed to match existing pieces still a part of Classic Buildings. For example, some of the MOVIE PROPS we provided for Spike Lee’s INSIDE MAN are in the bank. There is a wonderful large Art Deco Circular Station still in place at the center of the bank entrance, its has a place for deposit slips, calendar, and as a place to write out checks; we designed and had manufactured 4 iron tables to match and surround that circular piece which gives the scene a fuller more realistic look.

Speaking of Movie Props – we provided almost 100,000 wooden folding chairs for A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. When you see the stands where people are sitting and watching the girls play baseball, they’re actually sitting on those wooden chairs – painted grey and other colors that make them slip into the background to look more like a stadium. We had to comb the states for those MOVIE PROPS - from funeral homes, Elks Lodges, and other groups wanting to sell their old wooden chairs and replace them with modern plastic or metal ones. And what about the MOVIE PROP Merry-Go-Round that Tom Hanks sits in at the Street Fair in YOU’VE GOT MAIL? It came right out of an old barn in Upstate New York. All those great little Art Deco Cars – that was a rare find - made in St. Louis, MO. in 1904!

MOVIE PROPS can be Vintage Clothing as well. We keep hundreds of period Catalogues so that we can date our MOVIE PROPS without making mistakes, and we're always keeping an eye out for clothing. The clothes Kathy Bates wears in TITANIC were bought from a wonderful Main Line Estate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These Vintage Clothing MOVIE PROPS were preserved inside a trunk in their original owner’s attic. There are such stories attached to these “historical” things. The MOVIE PROPS we provided for Fay Dunaway as Joan Crawford in MOMMIE DEAREST, for example, are amazing designer clothes that once belonged to Elizabeth Arden the great cosmetic artist. These dresses and gowns had been made especially for her by leading designers of the period. Of course, we also provided the vintage BABO scouring powder, Lifebuoy Soap, cereal boxes of the period, table cloths, aprons, even the “no more” wire hangers. When it comes to MOVIE PROPS if one thing is out of place, time-wise, it’s a disaster – it sticks out like a sore thumb!

Did you ever watch a movie and suddenly see that in the same scene the level of a liquid in a glass or cup keeps changing as the cameras switch angles? For example, I recently saw BENJAMIN BUTTON, and in the scene where Brad Pitt and Tilda Swinton are drinking – the liquid keeps jumping up and down because people weren’t watching out for that. Well, Movie Props are important in just that same way – if there’s a scene with a prop out of place (one that wouldn’t have existed at the time) it is bothersome – we may not always understand what’s making us uncomfortable as we watch, but our brains are catching it… “Those Movie Props aren’t correct.” It says inside our heads. Well, it’s our job as Prop-finders as much as the Visual People’s on the film to make sure our Movie Props are the correct ones! We have to be with it historically!

Here are a few things that we can do to help people who need MOVIE PROPS, STORE PROPS, VISUAL PROPS of any kind.

Vintage Props are anything that already exists and need to be found for a purpose – they could be in attics, antique stores, estate sales, just about anywhere. We have a wide network of people we can call to help find what you’re looking for!

AND if it doesn’t exist any longer, we have people who can Manufacture it for you. We have people who make lampshades – not the paper ones you can find for yourself, but those that you want to match a particular era, beaded perhaps, or made of fabric to match the drapes and walls.

A word about THEATRE PROPS - There was something we couldn't find and had to have manufactured for a Broadway Play. The designer wanted a convertible sofa-bed from the early 1940’s, but there wasn't one in existence that we could be sure would work at every performance - the bed had to be opened during rehearsals and in production over and over without problems. So… we found a 1940’s sofa and had the bed manufactured and fit inside that sofa and everything was perfect at every performance. With theatre props there can be No sticking! Timing is important – there’s no time for cuts because of a non-working Theater Prop. “The show must go on!” We have provided Antique Furniture, Vintage Furniture, and have Manufactured Furniture for THEATER, MOVIE PROPS, and STORE RETAIL PROPS. One of our lines of furniture that began as a prop was later used in libraries as seats for children in reading areas.

We have provided Store Retail Props for Store Designers and Visual Props such as: Antique Automobiles, Antique Trucks (we put over 1200 vintage 1940’s and 1950’s Pickup trucks into every OLD NAVY Store in the U.S., including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska, and throughout Canada).

The Vehicle Restoration for these trucks was done by our several partners around the United States – motors were removed and each vehicle was refit following the requirements of insurance and fire marshals of each of the United States - every State has its own particular safety and fire rulings – Visual Designers often overlook these specifics; we have to know what these rules are for every state to make sure OLD NAVY, their customers, and we were protected.

The Vintage trucks were refurbished, painted, with a LOGO on their doors to be used as STORE PROPS in OLD NAVY – from the backs of these Truck Props they sold blue jeans, tee shirts and just about everything. The trucks were decorated for the holidays with Christmas Trees and at other times of the year with various Holiday treatments that made OLD NAVY a store set apart by the history customers associated with these vintage trucks.

PROPS are history. They bring a great deal to any scene, whether in movies or in stores. They help to set the scene, but they also carry with them stories and memories that make people feel better, more comfortable, about what they're seeing - both in Movies and in Stores. That's why MOVIE PROPS and STORE PROPS are so important!

Also as STORE PROPS, we provided Refurbished trucks and Refurbished automobiles for POLO – Ralph Lauren Stores. A Ford Woody Station Wagon was cut into 12 pieces so that it would fit into a small elevator and was carried upstairs and transferred down narrow hallways into the Showroom on the Tenth Floor. There is was put back together, a STORE PROP setting as background to their newest “Collection.”

We have provided Vintage Cars and Trucks, but we've also provided new Porsches and other Sport Vehicles, as well - JEEPS, HARLEY DAVIDSON Motorcycles, Vespas, and various other Trucks and Automobiles as Props - for Ralph Lauren, Richardson Brands, BEECHIES, The Corning Museum of Glass, Scott Foresman Publishers, Spurs Arena, and many for MOVIE PROPS as well.

We newly manufactured 750 Ice Cream Trucks as Props. We found, in Georgia, 2 Vintage 1940's Ice Cream Trucks with original motors – we refurbished those trucks and they were so successful as STORE PROPS that we worked with the visual designers to perfect a non-motorized model, slightly smaller than the original, to be used as Props in their Flagships and other stores. You can see these on our website.

There are wonderful ORIGINAL Shapes – Sculptures of - Machinery, Boxes, Tractors and other Vehicles, Refrigerators, Industrial fans, old Aviator Molds, and Freezers, sculptural in themselves that we’ve retrieved as STORE PROPS. Sometimes they are left as original, sometimes re-enameled, or powder coated to the color of the designer’s choice – and there you have something people are not going to see every day in a store - an accent, a conversation piece, a great VISUAL PROP! We have worked with many stores and designers to help them find something old that’s NEW.

We walked through snow over our waists to retrieve a 1949 Gas Range from an old bungalow just so THE PREACHER’S WIFE could have the correct stove for the preacher’s kitchen!

We matched the designer scarves of MAX AZRIA and had sets of luggage made for their FLAGSHIP Stores as STORE PROPS – they were smashing and very chic, very Louis Vuitton!

We provided over 10,000 pieces of Vintage Luggage for every BCBG store around the World – Large Cases, Square Train Cases, Round Hat Cases, Trunks – THEY made a smashing look in stores. Added to these were multicolor telephones – pink, green, blue, cream, yellow – Beautiful old 50’s TV sets – pink, red, lavender, light blue, mirrors, lamps, books, original and reproduction television scripts, vintage makeup of all kinds - compacts, lipsticks, curlers, perfume bottles. There were chairs, side tables, radios, old photographs; and these were packed and sent all over the globe.

Luggage is a popular MOVIE PROPS item, and each era had its own look. Very important to know those looks - it's PROP History. We have had Trunks manufactured – leather ones, metal ones in different colors that Visual Designers mix and match with the Vintage originals.

More MOVIE PROPS and STORE PROPS include: Vintage and NEW Silver and Crystal, Crystal Pedestal Cake Plates, Jars of all shapes and sizes (Glass Jars with Glass Covers, Pint Jars, Gallon Jars. We provided STORE PROPS for Juicy Couture that included Tea Sets with their LOGO printed on the sides, Surfboards designed to match their store wallpaper with their LOGO on each one, embroidered guest towels, glass pineapples, IRONSTONE pieces - BOTH Vintage and Newly manufactured.

For MAC COSTMETICS – we painted 700 jars that became a beautiful wall unit – Each jar was painted a different color inside and then placed side-by-side in the wall unit - Spectacular!

We have provided CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS made especially for us as STORE PROPS – and the price is reasonable, not the thousands of dollars often associated with chandeliers of this kind. They’re also available in many colors: Black crystal chandeliers, Pink crystal chandeliers, Blue crystal chandeliers, Milk glass crystal chandeliers, Brown crystal chandeliers, Lavender crystal chandeliers, and the classic Bright Crystal chandeliers

We have had manufactured: Lamps shaped like Birds!

We have had manufactured as props for FLOWER SHOWS, and for the Spring Opening of The Corning Museum of Glass: Light Bulbs with Flowers inside that light up in various colors.

When JCrew wanted to use Silk Parachutes as a STORE PROP for all their stores and couldn’t find them anywhere else, we were able to get them the 800 they needed.

And when BURBERRY, an English Company, could not get QUEENS GUARD UNIFORMS for all their stores, or the Canadian Black Bear Fur hats that the guards wear – we were able to obtain the “Real” uniforms and had new replicas made the Fur Guard hats. Because the Canadian Black Bear is an endangered species and only a few are set aside each year for the Queen of England, we had them made – NOT of Black Bear – but they looked correct and fit the bill. Providing MOVIE PROPS and STORE PROPS is so much more than one may think.

We even took a yacht to the 4th floor of a store – we had to open the roof of the elevator and stick its 19-foot mast up through – the elevator man edged us upward. There we teetered that boat down the hallways and into its place. A tight squeeze, but THERE it was – and then surrounded by clothing, mannequins and other props. Super!

Here are a few other things we provided – think STORE PROPS and MOVIE PROPS: Kites… Boats… Cars… Wicker Suitcases… Leather Suitcases…

Sports equipment - Bats, Balls, Skis, Ski poles, Leather ski boots, Vintage Lamps, Chairs, Props Manufactured, Antique furniture, Games, Games Tables, Antique and Vintage Clothing, Art Work, Paintings, Busts, Cement Planters, Topiary, Vases, Urns, Blue and white china, Oak tables, Mission Furniture, Crewel work, Rugs (Oriental – Modern), Clocks, White Birch Logs, Old Keys, A Safe…

Vintage WORKING Televisions, Vintage Radios, Toys – Antique and Modern, Vintage and Modern Musical Instruments, Metal Work, Wood Work, Books (Individual and by-the-yard) Records (Individual and by-the-yard), Glassware of all kinds, Red English Telephone Booths, Metal or Wooden American Phone Booths, Uniforms of all kinds, leather horse saddles – Western and English, Riding equipment, togs, hats, crops, boots, whips, Stained Glass Windows, Stained Glass Lamps, Breakfast sets, Photography and Photography Albums, Carpets, Wardrobes, Armoires, Fabrics, Quilts, Blankets, Horse Blankets, Crocodile Suitcases, Fur Coats, Alligator bags, Vintage Automobile Parts, Typewriters, Adding Machines (did you see the 40 Vintage MOVIE PROPS we provided for THE PRODUCERS?), Vintage and Antique Hats, Kerosene Lamps, Gas Pumps, Signs of all kinds – “FOR RENT” “TEXACO” “STOP,” Horse-drawn carriages and sleds, snow sleds, toboggans, Curtains, Sheets, Pillowcases (You may be thinking “These things are everywhere…”

Yes, but not the exact COLOR, MATERIAL, DESIGN, and SIZE…

MOVIE PROPS and STORE PROPS – Did I mention: Baskets (Wicker, Laundry, Wire, Bicycle)? Vintage wrapping paper – Wedding, Birthday, Christmas, Baby -, kites, Tools – new and Vintage, Telephones, Tile, Fireplaces, Rope (I’m thinking that thick yellow braided kind that holds boats to the wharf), Statuary, Stuffed Birds – Real ones – Peacocks – White ones with long feathery tales, or the Feathers only, Beads, Bicycles, Tricycles, Christmas Ornaments, Halloween, Okay, I’m stopping now, but you get the idea.